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NZ Nuptials: Why Dan & Tony asked a wedding videographer from Cornwall to film their NZ wedding.

A wedding videographer from Cornwall filming in New Zealand


Do you really film weddings anywhere in the world?

If you're wondering this question then I have a very simple answer for you... YES!

But more importantly, I have a question for you.....why would you want to take a Cornwall based wedding videographer / team any where in the world, when you can hire a perfectly good wedding film production company locally?

Why a wedding videographer from Cornwall is a good choice for you.

Well, for me it boils down to one thing - culture.

A wedding photographer or videographer plays a HUGE part in your wedding day. Do not underestimate this. We are not just talking about the end result that you get shown AFTER your big day is over, we're also talking about the person or team who is by your side throughout one of the most important days of your life.

The attitude, cultural understanding, ability to communicate & most importantly, sense of humour of the people you work with and trust to document your wedding day plays a crucial part in how you actually feel ON your wedding day.

Having previously met Dan & Tony at another event, I was honoured when they asked me and my team to film their very special wedding day. When I found out where it was I was even more honoured. New Zealand!...... you can't really get much further away than that from good old England!

Here's what Dan had to say on the subject:

"Working in large corporate events, I know the critical importance of getting the right team around you. It can make or break an event. Having a team that are efficient vs having a team that are efficient but also great fun and entertaining to be around, well there's no contest. We knew Robbie would not only produce the film we dreamed of, but we knew he would do it in a fun, respectful, considerate and even entertaining way (and we were right ....our guests LOVED him!). Yes it cost us more, but once the day is over, all we are left with are memories (and a great film!)...and it was absolutely worth it to ensure Robbie was not only the one creating the film, but was also the one by our side throughout the entire day" - Dan Seymour-Morris

Of course there are incredibly talented and lovely wedding photographers and videographers all over the world (we are in fact a lovely bunch - because you need to be to stay in business!) but if you are planning a destination wedding, and experiencing all the added unknowns and costs that entails, then why would you risk not working with a wedding film team that is 100% on your page with zero chance of different senses of humour and even cultural mis-understandings.

So if you need a destination wedding film and would like to chat more to me and my team about what we can do for you, please get in touch.

Thanks for reading!

Robbie Hill's signature - a wedding videographer from Cornwall

Robbie - For Better Films Ltd


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