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Holding Hands


Capture the story of how you met with an engagement film. We can create a beautiful, cinematic mini documentary that captures the story of your relationship - from the moment you first met to the moment you committed to each other. Whether you choose to play it as a surprise at your wedding, or keep it as a private memory between the two of you, your engagement film will tell the love story that started it all.


Our “Day One” Wedding Day Film Package is designed to give you the best experience possible on your special day. We only offer one package, as we believe it offers the best value and quality, with no half measures. This is your one chance to capture your wedding day in a stunning film, so why risk it? With two camera operators on the day, you can rest assured that every key moment will be captured. We also include drone footage to capture some stunning aerial shots of your wedding venue. Our team brings years of TV and FILM production experience to your film, so you can be sure of a professional result.

Wedding Embrace
Beach Wedding


Some times, only one place will do to say…”I do”. And if that place is not in the UK then don't worry, we have passports and are happy to travel.

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