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The "Day One" Wedding Package

Here at For Better Films we only offer one luxury option/package for filming your wedding day, simply called "Day One", which is the ultimate memory of your first day in your new chapter.

Why do we offer only one package? Well, because quite simply, you only get ONE CHANCE to get this right, so why risk anything less than guaranteed results. You've put a lot of time, money, effort and emotion into your wedding day, so you deserve to have a wedding film that delivers too. 

So what's included?


2 x Camera Crew, including sound, lighting.

1 x 4K Camera Drone with CAA Approved pilot.

10 Hours recording time

Films Delivered:

1 x Social Media Teaser (60 seconds)

1 x Wedding Highlights Film (3-5 minutes)

1 x "Day One" Wedding Film - 3 Chapters: Getting Ready, Ceremony, Reception (15 min max)

1 x Complete Wedding Ceremony in Full - (unlimited duration)

1 x Complete Speeches in Full - (unlimited duration)

So why do we do it like this?

Because our years of experience in the Film & TV industry have taught us all about the various hiccups that any shoot can throw at you, and this package that we have lovingly created for our clients means we will never fail to deliver what you need, guaranteed (we even carry full spare camera kits should one of those fail!).


Yes we can cut corners and produce cheaper options, but quite frankly, that's not how we operate, we only want the best for our clients. 


For example, you don't want any special moments missed, that's why we ALWAYS have a 2 camera crew on the day. One to follow each of the wedding couple throughout the getting ready process, and then coming together to follow the rest of the big day in tandem. This way none of the magical build up to the ceremony is missed, and then two crew also allows us to deliver the rest of the package like the Ceremony and Speeches in Full whilst simultaneously getting the other crucial footage needed for the Wedding Day Highlights film.

We have a fully CAA approved drone operator using the best light-weight drone that is the quietest possible, for minimal disruption, yet powerful enough to deliver the images we expect.

And the 5 x films we will deliver to you are what we feel are the best result from any wedding day, each serving a different specific purpose. 

So what are the 5 x films we will deliver?

The main film that captures the key moments of your special day is the Wedding Day Highlights.


We do this, as in our experience, couples want an emotional reminder of the day, not a full 2 hour documentary that retells each moment, blow by blow. You want something that's fun, emotional, heart warming and easy to watch and that's what our Wedding Day Highlights film delivers.


The "Day One" Wedding Film is based around 3 music tracks of your choice, one for each chapter, the Getting Ready, the Ceremony and the Reception. We can select music if you don't have anything particular in mind....but you often do!


The Ceremony and Speeches films are pretty self explanatory. Should you ever want to revisit the special ceremony or unforgettable speeches in full, these films will allow you to do just that.

And lastly, we will create a 3-5 minutes Highlight Film. A fun reminder for guests and those that weren't present, of the key moments of the day and a hint of what's to come in the main Day One Film. 

So what are the costs for all of this?

We realise we aren't the cheapest option out there, but that's because we don't want anything less than the best for our clients. Being part of the Film & TV industry for over 20 years has taught us that if you cut corners, things will get missed, things will go wrong, and there's no way we want that to happen on your shoot, or any other.


There's no second chances to reshoot your special day. Why risk it?

Price for FIVE x films = £2500 + VAT. (£3000 total)

Highlight Film Example - Mike & Debbie

"Day One" Film Example - Dan & Tony

Two Camera Crew

This ensures nothing is missed and you rest easy, knowing all the special moments will be captured forever.

(12 hours continuous filming)

Full Ceremony

A separate film showing the complete Ceremony, from start to finish. Allowing you to re-live the magical moment where your new chapter begins.

(Unlimited duration)

The "Day One" Wedding Film

This 3 part Music Video style film will show the key moments of your day, set to 3 x special music tracks.

(15 minutes max)

Drone Aerial Filming

Unobtrusive light weight drone allowing for those unforgettable location shots.

(Please note, not all locations are available for legal drone flying.)

Full Speeches

A separate film of the entire unedited Speeches, so you can remember all the emotion, heart felt messages, fun and laughter (oh and the bad jokes!).

(Unlimited duration)

Highlight Film - 3-5 minutes

A 3-5 minute film that encompasses all the main elements of the special day edited in a cinematic style.

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