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Engagement Film

With our Engagement Film service, we will tell your unique love story. From how you met, and what happened on your first date, to the moment when you knew you had found the love of your life and the emotions of the proposal itself. This film will be a fun yet emotional recounting of how it all began.


Through fun and relaxed interviews with you both, this mini documentary will capture your most memorable moments, bringing your special story to life. Your engagement film will immortalise the feelings of joy and excitement that you shared at the start of your life journey together. 


The perfect film to share on the wedding day itself, or simply keep for the two of you to enjoy whenever you want to take a stroll down memory lane. Imagine watching your Engagement Film on your future anniversary’s, remembering just how far you have come.


£1200 +VAT.

Engagement Film Example - Paige & Charlie

Mini Documentary

Showcase your relationship in a fun and creative way, while providing important information for your future wedding guests.

Surprise for the big day

Why not use this film as a surprise for the big day itself. Something to share with your guests and share some of the key moments that led you to where they are today.

A love story to be retold

Everyone needs a little help remembering things sometime, so why not gift this film to yourselves to enjoy, many years down the line.

Professional Production

Produced by experienced broadcast documentary makers, this film will be a enjoyable time capsule of your love.

A new way to “Save the Date”

Use your Engagement Film as new & engaging way to tell your future guests to Save the Date. 

Get Comfortable with the Camera

An Engagement Film shoot is the perfect way to get comfortable with the camera, and get to know us before the big day itself. 

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